Engineering, Procurement, Construction (EPC)

Since the foundation of LINDSAYCA, Engineering, Procurement and Construction services have been at the center of the company.


LINDSAYCA has successfully completed highly complex engineering, procurement and construction projects for clients in remote and challenging locations internationally. Whether it is a government initiative, or a private sector project, we deliver solutions that cater to the needs of each client. From concept through commissioning and turnover we focus all of our resources on the final delivery of our customers' projects - the result is a high-value facility that meets the clients business plan.

Engineering Services

LINDSAYCA has an international network of engineering centres delivering high performance, cost-effective technical services to our customers.

Our approach to engineering means a common user experience for our customers, independent of location. We can deploy the best mix of our capabilities through our collaborative environment and technical performance management system.

We are helping to engineer with the next generation of remote LNG power generation in Latin America, as well as applying both traditional and new skills to the new world of renewable energy. Our engineering expertise extends from our consulting services through to our specialist engineering services, commissioning and decommissioning.

Procurement and Supply Chain Management Services


Our procurement services extend significantly beyond the simple supply of materials and into the complete integrity and performance of our supply chain.

LINDSAYCA believe that successful, safe and excellent projects are based on our relationship management within our supply chain. We work closely with our suppliers to ensure that they can deliver on their promises, assist us in delivering projects to the highest standard and be safe and take care of the environment. Above all, our suppliers must share in Lindsay’s performance culture and our code of business conduct.

Construction Management Services

services-construction-management-.jpgAcross our sectors, LINDSAYCA delivers excellence in construction and construction management for our customers. The end product in construction depends on the quality of materials, construction practices, and the level of care and quality control in the construction process.

LINDSAYCA provides professional construction services from our office locations throughout Latin America and the United States. Our construction management professionals focus on providing leading practices for project management, construction techniques, subcontractor management, health & safety, quality assurance and quality control.