Conceptual Design and Feasibility

With such a large portfolio of projects delivered to date, LINDSAYCA retains substantial data, information and expertise to undertake conceptual design and feasibility studies for client’s initial project plans supporting effective capital control and project risk management.


Front end feasibility services

LINDSAYCA’s areas of feasibility study experience include;

  • Oil processing facilities design and performance (including Early Production Facilities)
  • Gas (including LNG) processing facilities design and performance.
  • Due diligence report for (topside) oil and gas field development
  • Local Power generation facility planning & development.
  • Operations & maintenance strategy, including turnaround / shutdown.

Holistic approach to Front End Services

LINDSAYCA provides all front-end engineering services required for the development of oil and gas exploration and production facilities, with a strategic focus on field developments in onshore / offshore environments and environmentally sensitive regions around the world. LINDSAYCA always focuses on maximising the value of the customer’s assets.


With our expertise on oil & gas technologies we are able to provide a holistic view to field development studies – technically as well as commercially. LINDSAYCA provides a multi-discipline approach, including the adoption of innovative technology. We convert LINDSAYCA’s experience into optimum field development concepts by extensive collaboration utilising expertise from our international network.

Our products and services range from feasibility studies and field planning, through concept review and selection, concept definition and project execution strategy, to detail engineering, procurement and construction management execution.