National Infrastructure

LINDSAYCA has developed significant experience, resources and capabilities to deliver large scale infrastructure projects for the oil & gas industry. Such infrastructure initiatives include roads / access, water and sewerage, electrical power infrastructure and metropolitan pipeline systems.

Leveraging oil & gas investment to develop national infrastructure

In partnership with nationalised oil & gas companies, the development of national infrastructure is frequently undertaken in conjunction with oil & gas development projects. LINDSAYCA is an experienced partner in the development of such infrastructure projects.

For nations / regions which are hydrocarbon intensive, the integration of projects to develop facilities for oil and gas with local community projects (e.g. power, access, communications, water) enhances the economic / political case for investment which could not be realised if either of these sectors attempted to invest on their own.

Environmental Responsibility

The development of national infrastructure comes with a heavy responsibility to consider the sustainability of the environment. LINDSAYCA has developed many projects in the oil & gas sector in highly sensitive areas of the world where environmental plans and approaches are the highest priority. We can use this significant environmental planning experience in the development of national infrastructure projects.