LINDSAYCA is already a significant provider of services and products to the “primary” Industrial Sector through our Upstream oil and gas EPC business.

Downstream Refining and Manufacture


As part of LINDSAYCA’s strategy for growth, we are now undertaking projects and developing new and existing client relationships in other areas of the primary industrial sector such as downstream oil & gas refining and Petrochemicals facilities.

In addition to our EPC activity in the downstream industrial sector, we are growing our operations and maintenance activities to cover Turnaround (TAR) and Shutdown projects, such as the current CACTUS shutdown and revamp project being executed in Cactus, Mexico for PEMEX.

Efficiency through process integration

business-segments-efficiency-through-process.jpgLINDSAYCA has developed a strong reputation for the design and development of integrated solutions. The requirement to integrate processes across the entire value chain from upstream production to downstream refining and manufacturing is accelerating with our existing clients and can be further evidenced in the development / expansion of large “industrial cities” in Latin America, Middle East and Asia. Clients who engage LINDSAYCA in such projects are realising the benefits of our integrated design methodologies and approach.

Leveraging our skills / capabilities in adjacent markets

Adjacent to the integrated oil & gas sector, there are many other industrial sectors which can leverage LINDSAYCA’s services and capabilities. These include water supply and processing (potable & waste), metallurgical, lubricants, fertiliser and alternative energy sources.