Onshore / Offshore Hydrocarbon Production

business-segments-onshore-offshore.jpgLINDSAYCA’s core business is focused on the upstream oil & gas production sector in particular hydrocarbon production, processing and export. Working in both onshore and offshore environments, we have developed a large portfolio of projects providing our clients with the following solutions.

  • Oil & Gas Early Production Facilities
  • Oil processing (separation) & treatment
  • Gas processing (separation) & treatment
  • Well pad interconnection and export
  • Gas capacity expansion
  • LNG production facilities
  • Gas (CO2) removal, compression and injection facilities.
  • Flaring solutions including integration to power generation.

Reliable Hydrocarbon Processing Facilities


The long term availability & performance of production facilities is often determined at the design stage. At LINDSAYCA we understand profoundly that the design of the facility, the materials used and the integrity with which the facilities are constructed are all factors which will determine the availability of the facility during operations. It also has a major impact on the operations & maintenance strategy to be used. What may seem as effective “cost management” at the design stage, may actually undermine the economic performance of the asset / facility over the medium term.

Natural Gas / LNG / CNG

Natural Gas is a principal source for new power generation in many areas of the world including North America. With the ability to burn with 50% fewer emissions that both oil and coal, natural gas developments are increasing significantly.

LINDSAYCA also provides a number innovative solutions for local power generation based on CNG and LNG to meet the requirements of remote residential and business communities.