Risk Management

The skill and competency of risk management must be embedded into every aspect of our work to protect the clients interests, our own interests and the long term sustainability of the investment. Risk identification and mitigation is also practiced within all disciplines of the company from the company leaders, our project management team, our design and construction engineers and our logistics operators.

We also seek assurance and provide influence with our partner companies and organisations to ensure that all touch points of a project are appropriately assessed for risk and any risk identified is mitigated appropriately.

Project Management


By their very nature, projects are not static, but dynamic in their required actions and resources. Even with experienced and knowledgeable project managers, the management of change during a project’s execution is the determining factor of a project’s technical, economic and deliverable success.

Our project management team are highly experienced in the market sectors in which we work and we continue to invest in their capability through formal training, cross project learning and participation in clients conversations at all stages.

Operations, Health, Safety and Environmental

about-operations-health-IMG_7101.jpgEverything that LINDSAYCA does as a company relies upon the safety of our projects, our operations our workforce and the surrounding communities and environments.

LINDSAYCA’s senior management have set clear expectations designed to help all leaders excel in health & safety performance in both operations and projects to make health and safety and integral art of our culture.

Building on a cultural drive, LINDSAYCA has clear principals, requirements, procedures and competencies for safe, reliable and compliant projects and operations.

LINDSAYCA will also work to minimize and mitigate environmental impacts wherever we do business. This includes our preparedness to react to events as well as the integration of environmental considerations into the design of our solutions.