The History of LINDSAYCA


Founded in 1995 through private equity and family ownership, LINDSAYCA has rapidly expanded initially in Venezuela, providing services to both state and privately owned clients in the upstream and downstream oil & gas sector. The hard working ethics of the owners and their values of excellence, safety and integrity have rapidly developed a strong professional organization with a proven track record of delivering quality projects within strict time, financial and regulatory requirements.

An International Energy Procurement and Management Business

about-international-EP-small.jpgThrough our growing international alliances coupled with the demands of our oil & gas clients, in 2003 LINDSAYCA invested in the decision to become a truly international company with the development of a new management office facility in Houston, Texas including engineering offices, construction yards and storage facilities.

By placing LINDSAYCA at the centre of the US Energy sector, the company has been able to develop and recruit some of the most talented and innovative people in the energy procurement and management industry. This coupled with the substantial facilities in Venezuela has provided a platform for the continued internationalisation of the company into other areas of Latin America such as Colombia & Mexico.

The growth of the company continues. With LINDSAYCA offices now established in China and plans to open offices in Europe and the Middle East, LINDSAYCA’s position in the international market is being established.

World Class Capabilities


Continuous investment in our innovation, management and processes underpin the current performance and future development of LINDSAYCA. Our competencies have been developed primarily in the upstream hydrocarbon markets and this focus continues, and LINDSAYCA is investing in new sectors including Energy, Industrial and National Infrastructure.

An integrated approach is a key part of LINDSAYCA’s strategy and offering which delivers significant value to our clients. Such a need for integration drives our investment in safe and sustainable services.